Yuugen 1.0 Free download

Yuugen 1.0

  • Publisher:SCR
  • Version:1.0
  • Operation System:Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • License:Shareware
  • File Size:3.3 MB

Total Downloads:326

Yuugen 1.0Description

A musical Mac OS X app that helps you generate calming Japanese Koto audio-visual displays
Yuugen is a musical toy that will allow you to create calming audio-visual displays using the sound of the Japanese Koto. Yuugen (meaning “that which lies beneath”) works both interactively - allowing you to add notes by simply clicking, and passively so you can simply sit back as Yuugen self creates a constantly changing composition. By default Yuugen has one “trigger” point that makes a note "bloom" as the notes rotate. You can add a second point at the rear of the space by pressing "2" on the keyboard. Experiment with one or two triggers to discover the option that best suits your current mood.To switch on auto-generation press the "ALT" key. To clear all notes press the "BACKSPACE" key. Requirements:
· CPU: Intel Core Duo processor
· Memory: 1GB or Higher
· HDD: 3.5MB of Available Hard-disk Space
· Internet Access: DSL / CABLE / FTTH

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